Fran Muanはラオスで女性支援活動を行うSupport for Woman's Happinessの活動から派生しています。SWHは障がい女性や少数民族女性の自立支援を行っています。暖かいラオスの国花であるプルメリア(フランジパニ)の美しさとムアン(楽しい)の造語であるフランムアン。

Support for Woman's Happiness

FranMuan spins off from the activity of Support for Woman's Happiness (SWH), an organization that supports women in Laos. SWH supports women with disabilities and women of ethnic minorities to be independent. FranMuan is a portmanteau of “Frangipani” (Plumeria), the national flower of warm Laos, and “muan” (“fun” in Lao language). SWH encourages handiwork of Lao women who live their own lives.